Aloha 👋🏻

my name is Vincent Romanus

With a knack for Frontend Architecture and a love for keeping things simple (KISS), I've spent over a decade crafting seamless web experiences.

My journey includes coaching and leading teams, acting as a Product Owner, exploring React, blending innovation and collaboration in agile development, creating reactive web solutions with Angular and RxJs, and always incorporating robust testing and automation (I'm lazy).

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Trainings
  • Skills

Principal Software Engineer / adesso SE

April/2024 - till now (3 Months)

  • Currently onboarding, further education and internal tasks

Frontend Architecture, Domain-Driven Design, Sinequa Search, Software Architecture, Go, Clean Code, Figma, Agile Software Development

Senior Frontend Developer / Xeotek GmbH

January/2023 - January/2024 (1 Year, 1 Month)

  • Development, maintenance, and performance optimization of a highly reactive web and desktop solution for data streaming

  • Development and visualization with Angular, RxJs and Tailwind CSS

  • Setting up component testing and design reviews with Storybook

  • Very close collaboration with design, backend, and management in the planning, development and alignment of the product

Scrum, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Angular, Product Owner, Continuous Delivery, Requirement Engineering, RxJs, Tailwind, Cypress, Storybook, Electron, Agile Software Development, Figma, Apache ECharts

Senior Frontend Developer / Eneco eMobility GmbH

August/2021 - December/2022 (1 Year, 5 Months)

  • Implementation and maintenance of test processes with Cypress, Faker, and client generation directly from the API

  • Implementation and maintenance of monitoring, app & infrastructure pipelines and deployment/test notifications in the Azure environment

  • Support of the product owner in pre-definition on feature and story level

  • Coordination of the external UX team

  • Elaboration and documentation of the processes of Scrum, Testing, User Management and Deployment Flows

  • Conducting job interviews, development, and acceptance of applicant challenges

  • Development of two React projects (Next.js and TypeScript)

Scrum, JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Product Owner, Cypress, Continuous Delivery, Requirement Engineering, Microsoft Azure Portal, Microsoft Azure Pipelines, Next.js, React, Tailwind, Faker, Storyblok, Storybook, Okta, Agile Software Development, Figma

Frontend Lead / ETA+ GmbH

April/2021 - July/2021 (4 Months)

  • Planning the migration from Angular.js to Angular via relaunch

  • Development of uniform components with the Head of Design

  • Creation of learning modules for TypeScript, Angular, Angular Material, Jest, RxJs, ESLint and BEM

JavaScript, Typescript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Angular, Angular Material, RxJs, Team Leading, Requirement Engineering

Fullstack Developer / FLYACTS GmbH

November/2020 - March/2021 (5 Months)

  • Implementation of features in mobile apps, web apps with Javascript/Typescript backends and MySQL/MariaDB databases via TypeORM

  • Member of the "Standardization and Modularization" Task Force

  • Prepare and deliver an Angular architecture workshop

Scrum, JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Angular, MySQL, TypeOrm, RxJs, NgRx, NGXS, Ionic, Agile Software Development

Senior Frontend Developer / Kiwigrid GmbH

October/2016 - September/2020 (4 Years)

  • Conception, architecture, customer communication, development, and maintenance of a software for the delivery of customer-specific device documents

  • Conception, architecture, development, and maintenance of a software for the delivery of customized theme CSS files and legal data

  • Development and maintenance of an administration software for internal services

  • Co-development of a device management software

  • Consulting for teams in the area of internal software solutions, migration to Google Public Cloud, Keycloak and other technical topics

  • Participation in leadership training

  • Switch from AngularJS to Angular

  • In-depth knowledge in Typescript, backend, NoSQL databases, infrastructure and automated testing

Scrum, JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Angular, NestJS, Google Public Cloud, Keycloak, NoSQL, Firebase, Product Owner, Project Management, Cypress, Frontend Architecture, Requirement Engineering, Continuous Delivery, MySQL, TypeOrm, Angular Material, RxJs, Software Architecture, Agile Software Development, Team Leading, Software Documentation

Frontend Developer / Kiwigrid GmbH

January/2015 - September/2016 (1 Year, 9 Months)

  • Co-development of various customer projects

  • In-depth knowledge of Single Page Apps, CSS libraries, CSS preprocessors (SASS/LESS), and CSS methodologies (BEM).

Scrum, JavaScript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, SCSS, BEM, Agile Software Development

Frontend Developer & QA-Representative / Unister GmbH

September/2012 - December/2014 (2 Years, 4 Months)

  • Implementation of frontend features in a cross-functional team

  • Host and moderator of a knowledge exchange format

  • First experience with AngularJs and Single Page Ap

  • First experience with Scrum and agile software development

Scrum, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, SCSS, Agile Software Development

Junior Frontend Developer / Unister GmbH

September/2010 - August/2012 (2 Years)

  • Implementation of frontend features

  • First experience in large projects

JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery